CommUnity BUZZ program

Need a sneak peek?

Here’s a snapshot from set-up to start up for activating your custom CommUnity BUZZ program.


Expert review of your goals and needs, interviews with your stakeholders.

Communications Plan

Based on findings and objectives, a tailored 12-month plan is created.

Content Portal

This Portal connects to your website so stakeholders can submit content we use to create and deploy.

Sign-Up Portal

This Portal connects to your website so residents can easily sign-up for the CommUnity BUZZ program

Implementation of Communications Plan

From audience build to social, video, emails, Events, PR and more, we CREATE and manage multiple channels.

Year-End Reporting

How did the CommUnity BUZZ program perform? You’ll get year-end success of analytics and data.

CommUnity buzz feature:

Event development and execution to unify the Community.

Bringing residents and attracting neighboring consumers to experience the best your community has to offer is one pillar of any economic development plan. From Holiday celebrations like “Lights on Main” to restaurant week, the team at CommUnity Partners knows how to develop, promote and implement events and activities that elevate resident sentiment and support local businesses. And the sponsorship options deliver additional revenue to the municipality to fund the events.

What we have built at CommUnity Partners is a program that truly helps your municipality elevate communication to residents, support local businesses and unite the community. It’s a smart and effective approach that delivers tremendous value for the administration and leadership teams. In short, the “Comm” is the communications, the “Unity” is bringing it all together for you.

Scott Muscarella
Chief Strategy Officer, CommUnity Partners
Lights on Main