We’ll manage and deliver all the BUZZ, and relieve your staff of the burden.

Residents expect reliable and relevant information, and CommUnity Partners delivers a program with BUZZ!

Municipalities face the same “growing” challenge — there is no staff person solely dedicated to the communications program.And if there is, the reality is no single person has the skillsets necessary to produce, deploy and actively manage a complete program.

The team at CommUnity Partners steps in to strategize, plan, build and deploy — day-to-day — your CommUnity BUZZ program that seamlessly integrates multiple communications channels.

The benefits to local leaders and township administration are:

Removes the burden off staff, and significantly elevate all of your communications.

Bypass building or rebuilding a program, and accelerate to residents with our ready-made BUZZ approach.

Avoid communications “starts/stops” — which leads to frustrations with residents and staff.

Increase following with greater resident acquisition and engagement, leading to enhanced future support.

Deliver affinity and authenticity through genuine, localized information and buzz.

Eliminate the significant costs to hire a communications program staff positions with CommUnity Partners.

CommUnity buzz feature:

Communication from leadership keeps residents informed.

One of the biggest challenges any local municipality deals with is resident communication. With CommUnity Partners there are a number of opportunities for the local leadership to consistently keep residents informed – thru weekly email columns, social media posts and a dedicated monthly Mayor Minutes email.

We could not be happier with the partnership. Our team works seamlessly with CommUnity Partners, which allows staff members to focus on the day-to-day operations knowing the communication is being handled

Mark Gravinese
Township Administrator